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Hollywood screenwriter, reformed attorney and worshiper of the tiny princesses on Monster Island. Became a nerd as a child, thanks to lack of athletic ability, which turned me on to fantasy novels, sci-fi movies, and not having girlfriends.”The Road to No,” is a journey I’ve been on as a professional screen writer in Hollywood for the past 16 years. Having successfully sold projects every one of those years to the various studios and t.v. networks, I’ve had a measure of success … but still no Battlestar Galactica credit.  Favorite projects I’ve worked on as writer – adapting BBC SILK for the U.S., the Japanese anime BLACKJACK and currently my passion project, PANDORA. Soon to be a major comic book. And yes, spoiler, Pandora kills lots of monsters she released from the Box.

As for RAMBLINGS OF AN ASPARAGUS … I always wanted to write a book of comedic shorts with that title, even as a little tot.  While others want to grow up to be astronauts, or even the President … this guy yearned to publish someday under the headline of an irrational green vegetable.  Since books are becoming extinct, I hope these rants bring a smile to your face.  Cause if not, I might have to get a show on the air, and you’ll really be in trouble.


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