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Aloha! Ramblings takes a vacation!

My therapist recommended sun and sand after reading my last post.  So see you suckers on Tuesday.  Hopefully I’ll be tan and rested.

Or burnt and hungover.

Tiny bubbles, in the wine, make me feel happy, make me feel fine.”  Damn right Don Ho.

So now I leave you with Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles … as performed by the fucking moon.  Cause that’s what the Moon does … he rips off Don Ho.

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Hollywood screenwriter, reformed attorney and worshiper of the tiny princesses on Monster Island. Became a nerd as a child, thanks to lack of athletic ability, which turned me on to fantasy novels, scifi movies, and not having girlfriends. Favorite projects I’ve worked on as writer – adapting BBC SILK for the U.S., the Japanese anime BLACKJACK and currently my passion project, PANDORA. Soon to be a major comic book.

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