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Observations from a car wash.

Crazy people are hard to sneak up on. Never kill the messenger. It may be your wine club delivery. As a general rule, the homeless know how to party. Opthamologists are different from Optometrists … […]

Fester Friday: Gnomes.

Enough said. They are not Dwarves.  They are not Elves.  They are not Smurfs.  They are not Hobbits or Goblins.  They service no plot elements in Harry Potter, other than to fuck around in the […]

The Unexamined Life.

It occurred to me this morning as I sat watching Kathy Lee drink her third glass of wine on network television, that in an effort to find my Voice – and I do mean Voice […]

Moral Monday: Dancing Guy.

Okay, I said on Friday that I’d go back to ripping off the Onion.  But I just wasn’t feeling it today, so I decided to scan my phone to see what I did this weekend […]

Fester Friday: The Pooping Waiter.

  I’ve decided to take a break from writing homages to The Onion, and go on a true rant.  Since it’s Friday, I’m gonna be creative and call this angry, juvenile column, Fester Friday.  Perhaps […]

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