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July 4 Cats!!!

Nothing says American Independence like cats in costumes. So crack a beer, pour some wine, or smoke some crack. It’s all legal now. I think. Point is, getting drunk and looking at photos of domesticated animals in clothes is what being a citizen of this country is all about.


You see this fella climb up over the back of your couch, pretty sure you have 5 seconds until your intestines are ripped out.
I just woke up in a pile of booze and dead mice. We still celebrating the day we killed all those limey bastards?


I'm stunned by the awesomeness of this! Literally stunned. And drunk.
I’m stunned by the awesomeness of this! Note the fire coming out of the demon unicorn’s ass. A solid detail. 


Apparently this patriot has fleas. Maybe a tick or two.
Apparently this patriot has fleas. Maybe a tick or two.



The photo above is  actually of a murdered cat, the killer being a dog. The cat later became a ghost cat. The ghost cat haunted the killer dog, who driven insane, took his own life by jumping into a waterless pool. The dog did not become a ghost dog, instead going to hell.  This photo of the triumphant ghost cat was taken by animal ghost hunters, likely mice. The photo was enhanced by a hacker hamster using software with an american flag filter, because ghost cats are all white. Even black cats. This ghost cat was not a black cat, but very patriotic. The hamster did not know the latter fact, making the use of the software quite fortuitous.


This cat is pretty fabulous. And not gay. Probably.
This cat is pretty fabulous, but very snippy.


Probably because the pail you're in is used to light fireworks.
Scared? Wonder why. Perhaps because the bucket is used to light fireworks by drunk Florida people.


Very patriotic, cute and possibly dead.
A very patriotic, cute and possibly dead cat. I have too many photos of dead cats! What the hell is wrong with me!


Uncle Sam never looked so purrfect.


A feline patriot at NASCAR. He’s also leashed to the wheel of a race car. 


Minimalist. Standing on top of a log in a living room.


Even evil genius cats rock this weekend.


Native American cats forgive and forget when it comes to fireworks.


This cat will raise some flags.
This cat will raise some flags.


Gay cats also have PRIDE on this holiday!


Look at what almost got smothered in our pile of flags… pure awesomeness!
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