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Beneath the Mask: Images of the Year!

Thought I’d share some memorable images I saw this year. Note that none of these are important. They are all frivolous. If you want to really see images that mattered, I suggest you click over to CNN.COM, where you will see sad and horrific pictures of death and despair, because that is what actually occurred in the miserable year that was 2014. Or you could stay here, and just enjoy nonsense. And then get drunk. Very drunk.

The Elf King Thranduil shows up to fight Sauron’s army on a big deer… which shortly thereafter is killed because… it’s a deer.
Bieber Death Pools top 2 billion dollars and climbing…
Johnny Depp continues to literally become Jack Sparrow. He kinda looks like death spiral Bieber…
Ray Rice helps U.S. fitness by encouraging everyone to take the stairs.
Yes I had to post an alcoholic cat.
America meets the darkness of Cthulhu.
Dr. Who gets older but the Daleks remain trashcans with plungers. Exterminate!
Lucas shows that The Phantom Menace was not his final F-U to his fans.
Just in case you decided not to kill yourself…
None of these people will ever use my toilet.
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