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Ramblings At The Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Sunday! Beer, chips, watching grown men give each other brain damage – what could be better? Everything! This game is going to be terrible.  Not just the football crap – I’m talking the whole […]


Sorry that Ramblings has not been too active in 2013 … but the New Year hasn’t been that active either.  As in … a lot of nonsense going on. Non-stories, recycled stories, or just plain […]

10 Replacements for JETS Fireman Ed.

That’s right.  The unspeakable has happened.  Long time Jets fanatic Fireman Ed Ansalone has hung up his green helmet, and handed over the difficult job of slowly spelling out “JETS” for 60,000 screaming plumbers to […]


Can’t believe another weekend behind us, and nothing to show for the past two days but less hair and lower hydration.  Oh yes, and rage.  Cold, impotent rage.  Cause, a horrible thing happened this weekend. […]

Fester Friday: Gnomes.

Enough said. They are not Dwarves.  They are not Elves.  They are not Smurfs.  They are not Hobbits or Goblins.  They service no plot elements in Harry Potter, other than to fuck around in the […]

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