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Ramblings At The Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Sunday! Beer, chips, watching grown men give each other brain damage – what could be better? Everything! This game is going to be terrible.  Not just the football crap – I’m talking the whole […]

The Unexamined Life II.

Okay, so I received some complaints after the first THE UNEXAMINED LIFE post – some being “two” – regarding the meteoric plummet of the piece, which I advertised would rise above the typical muck of […]


That’s right.  I got a problem with Friday.  It’s a very over-rated day. Whole fucking week … everyone can’t wait till Friday.  Whether you’re in a corner office or a cubicle, you spend the whole […]

Observations from a car wash.

Crazy people are hard to sneak up on. Never kill the messenger. It may be your wine club delivery. As a general rule, the homeless know how to party. Opthamologists are different from Optometrists … […]