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Ten Olympics Moments That NBC Decided Not To Televise

Debbie Phelps shows off son’s gold medals at pool … and her new gold two-piece.

U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team tickled on floor mat by Al Roker.

U.S. Crew team’s pledges clean boat in jock straps and bras.

Floater removed from Synchronized Diving hot tub.

British Rugby Team goes to Dentist.

Ukrainian Water Polo Team leaves “ring” around the pool.

South Korean Female Archer puts shaft through Bob Costas’ plastic cheek.

Korean Gold Medalist bets 50,000 won she can put arrow through Bob Costas’ cheek.

Rowdy Gaines removed from Synchronized Diving hot tub.

Jet Li pummels 11 athletes to death on road to Olympic Taekwondo Gold Medal.

British Equestrian Silver Medalist runs down three peasants for insolence.

British Equestrian Silver Medalist Sandor “the Hound” Clegane rests after cutting down three peasants that showed insolence to Prince Harry.
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