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Thanksgiving Kittens!

Back by popular demand for the 20th straight year… 

I saw CATS one Thanksgiving. Or maybe it was Phantom. I drink during the holidays, and note the nip slip.
If that’s not a demon I don’t know what is. And the cat with the pilgrim hat’s weird too.
Gobble Gobble Mutha-F’er.
Crack in a basket.
Wait? I just woke up from my two week nap… she didn’t win?!!!
This portrait looks expensive! And worth it.
Let’s just shove their heads through these tiny holes. It’ll make a great picture.
That is one badass Pilgrim.
Pooping in a teepee.
Yo Pilgrims, who wants to learn how to grow some f-ing corn.
Yeah, I know it’s not a kitten. Technically.
Looking for cuddles and scalps.
Don’t worry Indians. There’s no way we’re gonna repay your corn and food with genocide. Not a chance, now give us more turkey you godless heathens!
The result of too much pre-stuffing Pinot Noir.
Another cat in cheap turkey costume. And having a stroke.
Cat Reverend Dimmesdale right after he put a scarlet letter on Kitty Hester… with authority!
This cat’s always at Thanksgiving. He’s your uncle. And he’s about to insult your wife.



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