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Rex sadly recalling when he was popular … and fat.

Blame it on the Jets.  Yes, the Jets.  The sheer downward spiral of that “program,” if it is a program, has driven me to this … a move even more desperate than posting cute kitten pictures.  Plus, Rex is a dog’s name, which seems like a message from the Universe.  Or the cellar.

Though kittens do get better traffic.  But I’ve kinda run out of kitten pictures, so …

Enjoy the truly the low-point of this blog.  But stay tuned, cause I can go lower.  Though I don’t think Rex can …

But here it goes.  The dogs of the grid-iron!

Puppy with paw glued to football.
Puppy glued on top of football.
For my female readers … puppy glued to lap of Friday Night Lights dude, and blockbuster dud.
For my European readers.  And yes we know that football is soccer in Europe, so shut the fuck up, Juergens!
This dog kinda looks like a dick.  As are most football players.
Future pit champion.
Last photo of Billy before he got that big scar on his cheek.

Okay, I’m starting to go dark.  Not the same fuzzy vibe of my kitten posts.  And I don’t even like cats!

But the Jets have just brought me down … and this is a team that swims on the bottom of the pond in a good year.  But this year … the Tebow trade … the lap band …


So let’s stop the bleeding with a shot that is sure to bring cheer to your day!  Or my day.  Though it is rather repulsive.  But does explain why Sanchez is not on the bench …

Jabba the Rex.


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