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Warp Speed Wednesday: A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting!

A very Rambling Book Review.

I normally don’t do book reviews – or much of anything these days thanks to my gout – but this tome really captured my attention and excitement. Written by the multi-talented Joe Ballarini, former child star of The Gospel of St. Bernard and part-time tank top model – the GUIDE takes us to a world where BABYSITTERS battle menacing MONSTERS, much to the delight of their little charges. Like the best of Pixar and Disney animation, Joe’s book is written in a fun, comedic tone that will both entertain children, and amuse adults.  If that’s not enough, Joe actually wrote the book with a real MONSTER, which his author spot below demonstrates.

While some parents may find the MONSTER in Joe’s ad too terrifying for children, I assure you, the actual book is quite safe. Which is my one criticism – I think some solid, unedited terror is good for kids. Makes adults of them! But fortunately for the millions of kids that I know will enjoy Joe’s series, he’s a bit more kid friendly than me. To prove this, Joe created a second author spot with the addition of his own infant child – the adorable tyke clearly contemptuous of the beast.

If that’s not enough, the GUIDE will soon be hitting the big screen, so be the first to jump on the Monster Hunting bandwagon. You can be like all those smug Game of Throne fans who “read the book” years ago – making you far more important than normal viewers. So, grab a copy, and be important!

Oh, and for you Gospel of St. Bernard superfans, here’s a special bonus. Note, the creepy Saint Bernard does not appear in the book.

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